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Suzhou Lejoy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional chocolate machine manufacturer with R&D, production, sales and after sales service. It specializes in production of complete sets of chocolate machine lines and has over 30 years’ experience in this field.


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QJJ175 Single Head Chocolate Depositing Machine

QJJ510 Single Head Chocolate Depositing Machine

QJJ175 Two Heads Chocolate Depositing Machine

QJJ510 Two Heads Chocolate Depositing Machine

QJJ330(3+2)/ QJJ510(3+2) Chocolate Depositing Machine

QJJ275(3+2) Chocolate Depositing Machine

QJJ1000 Chocolate Depositing Machine

QJJ150 Chocolate Depositing Machine

QDJ Chocolate Chip Depositing Machine

QDTJ1500 Chocolate Enrobing Polishing Machine

TYJ Chocolate Enrobing Machine

QCJ Chocolate Bean Making Machine

QMJ250 Chocolate Ball Milling Machine

QMJ1000 Chocolate Ball Milling Machine

QT Continuous Chocolate Tempering Machine

QT Intermittent Chocolate Tempering Machine

JMJ40 Chocolate Refiner and Conche

JMJ500A Chocolate Refiner and Conche

JMJ1000A Chocolate Refiner and Conche

JMJ2000C Chocolate Refiner and Conche

JMJ3000C Chocolate Refiner and Conche

BWG Chocolate Storage Tank

RYG Chocolate Melting Machine

FTJ250 Sugar Grinding Machine

PGJ400 Chocolate Polishing Machine

PGJ1000 Chocolate Polishing Machine

PGJ1200 Chocolate Polishing Machine

PGJ1500 Chocolate Polishing Machine

SQJ400 Oatmeal/Cereal Chocolate Making Machine

SCJ Chocolate Spreading Machine

SHJ Chocolate Decorating Machine

QTB80 Chocolate Bunch Type Packing Machine

LSD Hanging Basket Type Chocolate Cooling Tunnel

LSD Horizontal Moving Type Chocolate Cooling Tunnel

SJB25C Chocolate Delivery Pump

SJB30Y Chocolate Delivery Pump

SJB32C Chocolate Delivery Pump

SJB50Y Chocolate Delivery Pump

SJB80Y Chocolate Delivery Pump

Spiral Feeding and Conveying Machine

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